Aluminized Clothing Overview

Aluminized clothing has a wide range of appliactions that require protection from high temperatures. To be able to select the best and most economical type of aluminized garment for a particular task, one must consider the required material qualitites and garment requirements. Does the worker need protection to the legs or only body? Is the worker going to be always facing the heat source or will the heat source sometimes be behind the worker? Is the worker going to handle abrasive objects or make contact with hot surfaces?

Mainly, aluminized clothing could be divided into two general categories - industrial aluminized clothing and NFPA rated aluminized suits. Fire fighting brigades use NFPA approved aluminized garments that have to adhere to strict standards. On the other hand, most of the industrial class high heat clothing is also made with quality in mind, but is able to stay much less expensive without need for costly NFPA approval related testing and control.