Radiant Heat

Aluminized clothing offers a high level of protection from Radiant Heat, which is generated by hot surfaces and should not be confused with conductive heat transfer and ambient heat.

Radiant heat is thermal radiation, which is a type of electromagnetic radiation that is emitted by hot objects. Thermal radiation or radiant heat is the way that our Sun’s energy is transferred to Earth through the empty Space. Radiant heat does not require a medium to be transferred to, unlike conductive heat and travels in wave form.

Aluminized clothing materials are efficient at reflecting radiant heat, which is physically similar to visible light. Same as visible light, thermal radiation is reflected by objects with mirror finish.

However, aluminum coating applied to apparel does not add protection from conductive heat transfer or ambient heat. Care should be taken when dealing with radiant heat as it easily affects the ambient temperature and is capable of heating up the air to levels above those that are safe for unprotected people.